#KahluasKonfessions: Countdown To 2017

 Seems like I just finished celebrating my birthday. Now its time to prepare for Jesus birthday (lol Christmas) and work on new year resolutions. Well hello December 1, 2016. I’m so thankful and blessed to wake up today in my right mind and given another chance to make it right again. The year 2017 is almost here. This month is a season of reflecting on what I have been neglecting in order to receive what I’ve been expecting. I know that was too deep for you. Lol I’ll wait. Basically it means I’m clearing clutter for clarity. I’m constantly getting rid of toxic things in all areas of my life that hinders my growth.


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When we take a moment to acknowledge our achievements, big and small, then we can look back at them and know what is possible.                                                                 #IyanlaVanzant

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #makeupbyKahluaParker

#KahluasKonfessions: Love Detox (UPDATE)

Dear Secret Admirer.

I took a few weeks this spring to evaluate and reassess my journey in both my professional and personal love life. In trying to get this love thing right, dating at times can be mentally exhausting. No more decoding a dudes text messages. No more decoding the hints. Dude, just try saying what you really mean. Tell me how you feel about me. Honestly….I’m mature enough to process the information.

What’s on your mind? Do I make you a better man? Can you see yourself being in a committed relationship with me? Tell me what’s in your heart and I’ll tell you whats in mine. Let our minds compromise together in order for us both to be happy. Let our hearts communicate with each other the joys and sorrows of this amazing journey called life.



Technology +

Love in the 20th century +

Control/Alt/Delete the frauds (-) =

Downloading my emotions while dating in a techy world.

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParker
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#KahluaKonfessions: Chocolate Kisses

Don’t die hesitating. Believe in your selfie. Create the life you want now. #KahluasKonfessions


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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect #KahluaParker
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#SavedSexySanctified: Mercy Said No


Gods mercy said no I’m not going to let you slip away.
Sin will never take control.
Darkness tried to steal my heart away.
But thank you Jesus…God’s Mercy said no.

Gospel Singer, #CeCeWinans

The lyrics to this song inspired me to continue to look forward to my blessing. Life trials and tribulations has prepared me for my season. When I look back over all the things I’ve been delivered from; all the things and people I let go, I watched my blessings increase further confirming my faith.

Watch some of my favorite gospel videos and songs on my Youtube #SavedSexySanctified playlist.


#KahluasKonfessions: Beautifully Flawed

Staying competitive in the cosmetic industry. Makeup artist are constantly being judged by their highlight and contour. Just the other day I had another makeup artist at another counter call me out on my foundation technique.  The air is thick on the cosmo floor. I can barely breathe through the tension of the anxiety after receiving your daily sales goal. The perks of working in retails…being slayed to the gawds everyday at work. On set, my call time could be as earlieir as 6am to as late as 9pm. Either way I’m always on time with a professionally semi slayed face. The ‘I just rolled out of bed look and didn’t have time to put on any makeup look’ is not acceptable in my world of #glitzglamgossip. When working in TV/Film, I’m selling myself in another way; selling my skill rather the product I’m using. Film producers want to know my ability to create the look they have for a particular character. Bottom line: Can you recreate this look over a period of a few days or weeks? Yes or No.

Beauty is driven by looks. Beautiful faces entices us to buy into a brand. The performance of product brings you back. The quality of service makes you loyal. 

-Kahlua Parker, Beauty Guru & Creative Director of Kahlua Parker Beauty

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty
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