#KahluaParkerBeauty: Beauty Is Skin Deep Makeup Look

You probably can’t tell from my pictures the texture of my skin is rough. Up close my friends could tell how bad my skin looked. My skin has been peeling and discolored. One night cream was too strong for my skin resulting in the top layer of my skin burning. My under eye area resembled a healing black eye.

skindeep_natural3Beauty is suffering and sacrifice. When I took on this new exploration into the beauty blogging world, I had no idea the extreme sacrifices I was taking on my skin. I refused to let this breakout get me down. I just tweaked my beauty routine a little bit.

skindeep_natural2After washing my face with Philosophy Purity Wash, I slathering 2 drops of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil all over my face. Once the oil has almost absorbed into the skin, I apply a quarter size of Lancome Bienfait Teinte Beauty Balm #7 Suede with my Beauty Blender Pro. Blend out. Set with Milani All Over Bronzer #01 Bronze Glow. Using Smashbox Fusion Soft Light in Baked Starburst to highlight my cupids bow and bridge of nose. Enhanced my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown. In this look I choose to focus more my eyes to deflect from my skin issues. Urban Decay Naked Palette is one of my go-to for a quick natural smokey eye. From this palette, I used Half-Baked on the brow, Side Car in the inner corner, Naked as a trationsitonal color and Toasted on the lid. Finishing the eye with Benefit Roller Lash Mascara in black to create that baby doll wide eye look without wearing false eyelashes. Complete the look with a brown colored matte lip, Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in True Grit.skindeep_natural1

Head over to Youtube to watch I how I bring my skin back to life.

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect #KahluaParker
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#SavedSexySanctified: God’s Grace

It has been a challenging few weeks but through #GODSGRACE I pushed through to another day. With so much going on with prepping for Lancome fall 2016 new product launches, Lancome master classes, confirming freelance jobs throughout the upcoming holiday season and not to mention serial dating to keep my inner girly girl sane; I was not going to pass on the opportunity to meet Darais, the National Celebrity Makeup Artist for Lancome.  Yaaasss honey Darais has slayed the faces of celebrities including Selma Hayek, Kristen Bell. Ellen Page, Gwen Stefani, Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff, Kelly Osborne, Cher, and more. Oh and besides my artistic obsession with Darais edgy, artful makeup style….it doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes. SMH. Go ahead and judge me. Just because I’m #savedsexysanctified doesn’t mean I’m blind.

Moving on….my heart was so heavy with business and personal issues, the last thing I wanted to do was tell another woman how pretty she would be if she would just apply these fall trends into your beauty routine. Oooo but when pity began to set in, I began to count my blessing while thinking back on where I was versus where I am today. I’m #bookedANDblessed. So I had to get my Jesus on. So I cried all my makeup off. And then I listened to my youtube playlist and discovered other inspirational and uplifting songs. I came across this group called Trin-Tee 5:7. Chile just close your eyes and listen to the song. The lyrics is this song had me laying dem burdens down; yaaasss honey leaving it at the altar. After few hours of self-reflection, I finally able to grieve.  A burden was lifted. My heart felt normal again. I was able to confidently speak life into my situations again. We all get weary in this journey of inner peace. But through Yahweh grace and mercy I was able to overcome victoriously.

Xox. Eat.Pray.Makeup.                                                                                                     #SavedSexySanctified #BeautifullyFlawed #ChurchFlow #makeupbyKahluaParker

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#SavedSexySanctified Sundays: Imperfections Are Beautiful

Happy #Summer16 Beauty Revenge.

As we enter into the #glitzglamgossip sanctuary, I ask that you open your hearts, minds and souls to explore the happiness, peace and serenity that life has to offer. Regardless of our careers, religious beliefs or gender; maintaining focus on your life’s destiny is no easy journey for anyone. I took the last six months to re-invent my beauty brand, Kahlua Parker Beauty. The dream is free. The hustle is hard. The pay is priceless. Turning beauty into a buck is very challenging when you are the face of your brand. At all times, I get discouraged knowing that at any given moment some one is judging, observing, tweeting and commenting on this intoxicating beauty. The constant need to write the correct post, tag your friends and engage with customers while maintaining a perfect flawless face. Shaking my head…In the cosmetics industry there is no second chances to make a first flawless impression.


Beauty Socialite, Kahlua Parker wearing a #savedsexysanctified slay on the face headed to #NewDawnCOGIC

As a Creative Beauty Director of my own company I struggle with popularity of technology versus real life marketing formulas. I want my brand to be a financially successful company that is authentically sincere to its customers and mission statement; I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. I don’t care about how many likes or followers I have. I am setting out to impact lives through an inspirational cosmetic line. These past six months I was in makeup heaven but I didn’t know it came at such a costly price that would include diminishing my self-esteem. Playing these mind games is mentally exhausting. At the end of the day it’s all worth it because my strength is fueled by my passion for the arts.

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.
Instead, it should be that of your inner self,the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.  – I Peter chapter 3 verse 3 and 4

I take pride in enhancing a woman’s self esteem with proper skin care regimes and correct color matching customized to her personal style. At the end of the day, it’s not about what I or any other makeup artist thinks about your makeup preferences. Beauty is what beauty does. You have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, everyday and love you despite how others view you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker
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#KahluaParkerBeauty: Bake This Face

Trends! Trends! And more trends! Lets be very clear. I’m a trend setter. However I do like to occasionally try a new beauty trend. Just like fashion, one day your’re hot on the runway and next your being knocked off by every major retail.


“Making Baking” or ‘baking that face’ is a trend that was came out of the drag queen makeup era. Baking the face is when you apply concealer and a lot of loose powder to set for up to 10 minutes. During baking continue to blend out the edges of the concealer until the concealer molds into the skin, giving you a natural flawless makeup finish. In television and film I refer to baking as setting special effects makeup, set bruises and tattoos.
Can also be referred to as highlight and contouring.

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#KahluaParkerBeauty: Dior Purple Passion


The holiday season is just about dying down and I’m getting sick again. Each makeup counter is dreading the process of getting ready for its yearly inventory; which means tedious tasks of organizing through several boxes and draws of makeup. So being sick during these final holiday weeks is so not cool. Now I’m sick again thanks to this baby El Niño storm that hit California this past week PLUS working late holiday hours.


Yep I’m sick. But the reality is beauty is my business. And just because it’s cloudy and drab outside doesn’t mean my makeup has to be. Theres no crying in backstage beauty. Slap on some moisterizer and bronzer then meet me at the Dior counter #macysbeautyscene

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty

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