Who is Ms. Parker?

Kahlua Parker x  Madam K x The Intoxicating Beauty

A lover of all things luxurious + Obsessed with fame + Addicted to beauty + Under the influence of power.

Beauty Blogger & Correspondent Kahua Parker

Welcome to my world of #GlitzGlamGossip: The behind the scenes written diaries of the glitz, glam and gossip world of a luxurious lifestyle obsessed, rich and reckless, #savedsexysanctified makeup artist, Kahlua Parker. These are my daily written confessions of the journey of finding balance between my faith, fabulous hollywood career and finding my Mr. Right. I make it look easy on social media but it’s actually a combination of a lot of blood, sweat, tears in heels and makeup remover wipes. Literally there are days that I want to just give up! But when I think back over my life at where I was and where I am now, I have no choice to get up and I continue to walk in my destiny. You don’t have to understand my story or my faith. However, my pray is that my testimonies inspire you to continue to persevere through life’s difficult times.

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. – Kahlua Parker

Kahlua Parker, Editor & Founder

For more information: www.KahluaParkerBeauty.com

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