#BehindTheGlam: HaulsTv Launch Party

Late this summer, I was introduced to the idea of joining a beauty community called Hauls.com. Hauls.com is a place where you can shop straight from the beauty video you’re watching, find unfiltered reviews, get trusted recommendations by fashion/lifestyle creators, social vloggers and beauty influencers such as myself. After meeting with the CEO and other executives, I was totally on board with the process of becoming a certified luxury hauler.

When your industry changes, you have a choice to either adapt to the changes or sit this one out. As a beauty and lifestyle guru, I already had experience in front of the camera as a red carpet journalist, recording a few beauty makeovers while describing techniques and product usage would seem easy. Um not! Its been a struggle to juggle the many hats I wear. But at the end of the day when you are doing something you love and are passionate about, it doesn’t seems like work.

So in the midst of my makeup work schedule, birthday turn up shenanigans and dating woes I managed to get home in a decent time after work. I make a quick wardrobe change to this fabulous face and body just in time to make it my #BeautyRevenge16 slayage debut at the HaulsTV Launch Party in Hollywood.

My first ever Youtube beauty tutorial:                                                                                                   Download the app TODAY! Hauls.com

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