#SavedSexySanctified: Back-To-School Night

1473651649261Yahweh mean greatness. He just wants you to bring him what you have. Give him your heart. He just wants me to appreciate him as king of my life. He is the same God that came through for me when I was a child. As an adult, I value my relationship with God because he has never failed me even when I was no good to myself; he still loved me enough to give another chance to get it right. When you pass the test, you elevate your power. God has produced solutions for me in the midst of me going through a trial. I just had to be still and wait for the answer. Scriptures says….Be still and know that I am God. I am officially an enduring spiritual Clark Kent-isha. 

Xox. Eat.Pray.Makeup.                                                                                                     #SavedSexySanctified #BeautifullyFlawed #ChurchFlow

Watch a snippet of the #NewDawnYouthDay Back-To-School Inspiring Message #makeupbyKahluaParker

Bookings: bookings@kahluaparkerbeauty.com                                     www.kahluaparkerbeauty.com


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