#KahluaParkerBeauty: Bake This Face

Trends! Trends! And more trends! Lets be very clear. I’m a trend setter. However I do like to occasionally try a new beauty trend. Just like fashion, one day your’re hot on the runway and next your being knocked off by every major retail.


“Making Baking” or ‘baking that face’ is a trend that was came out of the drag queen makeup era. Baking the face is when you apply concealer and a lot of loose powder to set for up to 10 minutes. During baking continue to blend out the edges of the concealer until the concealer molds into the skin, giving you a natural flawless makeup finish.┬áIn television and film I refer to baking as setting special effects makeup, set bruises and tattoos.
Can also be referred to as highlight and contouring.

Follow me on Instagram as I bake this face into a beautifully flawed artpiece.


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