#WritersBlockWednesdays: WiFi Love

Technology opens Pandors box. The options are limitless. Will you WiFi your love in 2016?


for the last few weeks Ive not only been working my face, missing Sunday morning worship and trying to stay ahead of the trends; I’ve been #LoveInLimbo with a few of my suitors. Before I start downloading my feelings to this dude I need to know is this a real connection. I honestly don’t have the energy to continue with the dating shenanigans.  “I’ve realized that you continue to text me instead of calling me because you have nothing to talk about.” Hashtag you are the you could do better list in my phone


Recently, my friends have been encouraging me to sign up for online dating. Ummm WiFi love??? I laughed so hard. I figure the odds of a person lying to me are greater increased. He can create this ideal man online but then when it comes down to shipping he either can’t deliver or comes with a lot of fluff. I get all that plus good snacks with human love. Who needs a WiFi love too??? It takes too much time to feel out the application, upload a nice but not slutty profile pic then browse potential matches. Lately since watching love reality TV shows; Arranged, Married At First Sight, 90 Day Fiance has me addicted to the idea of arranged marriages putting your quest of love and committment to the real test. Smh honestly I would be open to an arranged marriage. Omg I can’t believe I wrote that. But this is my online diary duh. Well I will just give it god and go to sleep. I’m definitely not going to loose any beauty sleep over. But venting is good for the soul.


I say my 2016 new years love resolution is to know what you need in a man, know what you want in a man but be willing to compromise. Finding love is the easy part. The real work is keeping the love that you found.


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