#WritersBlockWednesdays: Love In Limbo

Cuffing Season is in full motion. And with Christmas and New Years right around the corner, its time to start narrowing down my options. I’ve dated and dated AND I still feel like some of these relationships are still in love limbo. I’ve caught a serious case of the Love-n-Limbo-itis. I’m not officially boo’d up with any one suitor as of yet.  I keep thinking about being the hot single chick at all the holiday parties. Um so not cute.

Question: Why do women feel the need for closure when they’re relationships ends?

Answer: Being over analytical is just in our  DNA. The unknown will drive you crazy.

20151101_143913[1]The reality is that God also gave all women a special skill called a woman’s intuition. I’m not shy when it comes to using my ministry. I start using my mind instead of my heart when it comes to relationship deal breakers. Oh keeping your relationship off of social media unless you are strategic posting breaking news; we’re pregnant, I’m engaged etc. A few of Steve Harvey’s 90 day dating rules have been working quite well in weeding out the losers. In the meantime, I thank god I’m fabulous!

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