#WritersBlockWednesdays: Falling in & out of LOVE via TEXT???

My film projects have been picking up and I havent been able to stay blog regularly. I love expressing myself though words and listening to music. I combined my love of those two arts to bring you weekly #WritersBlockWednesdays. When you are talented artist, validation comes in many forms one being steady work. No complaints about being busy here though hashtag I’m booked and blessed. Honey dem coints (yes i said coints instead of coins lol) is keeping me quite comfortable along with my equally fabulous inner circle of friends and family that keeps me grounded. However, I can not ignore the fact that I am a hopeless romantic. I would love to come home to a spiritually grounded King and oh yeah an adorable puppy. I have been told I need to relax more and at least be open to finding real love. However these past few years of dating has been rough. I need a real #LoveConnection with a real partner that will make loving him real beyond social media and text messages. Words connected us. No physical action will divide us.

This weeks #WritersBlockWednesday is inspired by my boo Raheem DeVaughn song “Love Connection”. New music, old music tis doesn’t matter Raheem gets it right every time. Yes, I’m showing favoritism because Raheem was really nice to me on the red carpet. But in all seriousness I am a solid fan of Raheem’s music. A few of his songs have been added to the #SummerLove2015 youtube playlist.

Have you ever met a person where you felt an instant connection with? A familiar spirit does not mean that is a love connection. You both have to continue to put in the work to make the connection sustainable. My King will appreciate the hopeless romantic in me and will find ways to show his love for me. My King is the head of household and Yahweh is guiding him to be the right man for ME. I’ve been on my summer romance vibe but I had to detox first. You can read all about my #LoveDetox shenanigans another time. But for now let’s enjoy my #CuffingSeason YouTube playlist.

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty
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