#SavedSexySanctified: I’m FireProof


The harder I prayed it seemed like the more hell I went through. Little did I know these trials and tribulations were a test to determine whether I was ready to receive this calling; it for a much bigger purpose. Am I really ready to walk in my destiny? Do I even know what my destiny is? The test will reveal what’s in me. My trials have an expiration date and a delivery date on the victory!

You can’t tell me nothing if you haven’t been through the fire and came out victorious. God took everything from me to humble my spirit. God wanted to know that even in the midst of the test, I had the confidence to know that he was with me. It’s no my battle. I needed to get out of the way so that I could watch Yaweh make a way. I’m fireproof! He was just burning off the old stuff in order to prepare me for the new ME! ….Walking in my own destiny.


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