#KahluaParkerBeauty: Mascara On Fleek

I love hard. And when I’m in love I fall even harder. No worries though its #TGIF! Thank God I’m Fabulous Fridays! I kiss and makeup. No need to hold on to an old flame. Fall weather is here which means #CuffingSeason is in full effect. So yeah this hopeless romantic in all in her feelings. Today’s mood is inspired by R&B crooner Jazmine Sullivan who can sang her face off. Yes I meant to say ‘sang’. Her voice commands you to listen and opens up your soul to the words that flows from her lips.

I never leave the house without my makeup on
Mascara in my pocket when I run to the market because you never know who is watching so you gotta stay….

Follow me on Instagram @kahluaparker to see more of my favorite fall makeup looks I’m obsessed with.
I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty


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