#KahluaParkerBeauty: Favorite Fall Makeup Trend Bold Lips


Today I’m wearing one of my favorite fall makeup trend. On those really early call times days, I put the mermaid hair in a cute messy bun and begin to slay this face on the train so by the time I get to set I look like I have had good night sleep. Lies! I need coffee and eyelashes lol. In today’s look I opted for no false eyelashes instead I swiped and smuged layers of gel eyeliner as close as possible to the base of my real eyelashes before applying three layers of mascara. *caution let each layer dry first before applying the next coat*


Grab a mirror and follow these simple steps to #GetTheLook

Step 1: Full filled in brows (@maccosmetics Brown pencil #spiked)
Step 2: Lots of black eyeliner and mascara (@tartecosmetics gel liner )
Step 3: A bold matte lipstick (@maccosmetics lipstick #rubywoo)or lip stain in a berry tone color.
Step 4: Get that I woke up like this smooth matte finish @nyxcosmetics

Follow me on Instagram @kahluaparker to see more of my favorite fall makeup looks I’m obsessed with.
I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty


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