#BehindTheGloss: Raheem DeVaughn ‘Love Connection’

Girl you ain’t been loved,
Ain’t been loved quite right in a long, long time
I can hear your body calling mine
Your can’t lie
I just wanna make your body shiver, get butterflies
From the kinda sex you can’t deny

I promise
That every wish that you can make is my command
But you won’t find another that can love you baby
Quite like I can, I can
Girl, I know how to tune in
See I understand just what you need
Girl, trust in me, yeah


#RaheemDeVaughn #APlaceCalledLoveLand

Raheem DeVaughn has been added to the #GlitzGlamGossip 2015 #‎SummerLove‬Playlist 

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