#BehindTheGloss: Lusso101 Has Officially Merged With #GlitzGlamGossip

So humbled by the spirits of people I meet through my walks of life and travel. When I started the Lusso101 Youtube channel, I just wanted to share my views on why I wear makeup as a dark woman. The exposure was great! As my freelance business began to pick up, recording a youtube video was the last thing on my mind. With two years of practice I became a natural in no time at all. The more confident in front of the camera I became, I began to share more personally struggles and survival skills because despite my circumstance I craved luxury and I was not going to settle for having thing of quantity over a quality of life.

Thus giving NEW LIFE to Lusso101…. Lights! Camera! Action! Arriving on the red carpet is NEW and IMPROVED Lusso101 YOUTUBE CHANNEL #GlitzGlamGossip with your host Kahlua Parker.


For all things #KahluaParker, go to www.kahluaparker.com. Check out my online diary at http://www.glitzglamgossip.com.

Twitter: @glitzglamgossip

Instagram: @glitzglamgossip

I may be flawed BUT my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty


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