#BehindTheGloss: Kahlua Parker Youtube Channel Is OPEN!

So excited to finally share with you my followers, family, friends and colleagues the official Youtube account for Kahlua Parker; The Intoxicating Beauty.


With years of experience in the varies areas of fashion, music, print, television, film and entertainment, I am an authority figure branding my technique; Kahlua Parker Beauty. As a professional and seasoned Makeup Artist, I like to keep up with trends without necessarily following them rather adapting to the them. I started a personal youtube account to share my Hollywood beauty tips I’ve picked along my career, a few behind the scene makeup artist shenanigans and hilarious on-set outtakes.

For all things Kahlua Parker, go to www.kahluaparker.com. Check out my online diary at http://www.glitzglamgossip.com.

Twitter: @KahluaParker

Instagram: @KahluaParker

I may be flawed BUT my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty