#WritersBlockWednesday: Musical Balance

In a time of racial discord how do I stay sane to see myself as a valuable black woman. The reckless killing of our black boys and men not to mention the threat of Americas freedom as a whole has me feeling a little down. With the holidays season quickly approaching, I rely on my deep spiritual roots and music to get me through the day. An ole negro spiritual does a body a good. No lol. Music can lift your spirits instantly. Lately I find myself humming songs that I was taught as a child in YPWW. When I’m out in the city, my bluetooth headphones keeps my eyes rolling in the back of my head rather than cursing you out. I listen to personalized Pandora stations I created tailored to my different moods; contemporary gospel, jazz, r&b. When I’ve obviously been having too much communion from the night before, I play an up beat playlist to get me motivated to slay this face yet another day. On those days when I’m feeling uninspired I listen to a lot of neo soul, gospel and even a little blues to make me feel better. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/kahluaparker) to watch videos that helps me balance my #SavedSexySanctifed life.

Today’s #WritersBlockWednesdays was inspired by my Youtube playlist Broke But Not Broken.

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