#BehindTheGloss: Summer 16 Beauty Revenge Playlist

I don’t do labels BUT if you worldly people must: the church girl who speaks bible and listens to that worldly music. The days of sneaking to watch Soul Train is over. I freely express myself through music in all genres. In Hollywood I work closely with actors, singers, writers and entertainers from all types of backgrounds.  There were times when I would be working on set with a celebrity I didn’t even know they were famous mostly because I grew up listening to only gospel music. Many were stunned to see I wasn’t ‘star struck’. I am a late bloomer in the world of Hip Hop. During fashion research class I would read all the hip hop magazines to see what brand the rappers would be talking about. I educated myself on hip hop during, after and before class by watching a music videos every chance I could. Fast-forward about twenty years later and my obsession with video vixens has turned into a full ground breaking beauty brand; Kahlua Parker Beauty.

IMAG0636I came up with this whole beauty revenge hashtag out of spite LOL…you know when you break up with a dude who you know didn’t deserve you in the first place YET you compromised your heart allowing him to slightly penetrate its blood supply….you MUST then convince yourself that dating him was just a casualty of war; a way of sharpening your skills. Sometimes you need to fail in order to appreciate your successes.

#AllSummerSixteen #BeautyRevenge theme song of the week:                                        Chris Brown #GrassAintGreener

Check out my YouTube musical stress reliever playlist called #Summer16 #BeautyRevenge. I may be flawed (doing this dating stuff) but my makeup is perfect.

@KahluaParker #KahluasKonfessions
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