#WritersBlockWednesday: Lyrical Love

I am artist. I embrace all elements of the arts. Honestly I am gifted in a few areas of artistry some more than others. As a college student at the Art Institute Hollywood and The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I explored photography, fashion, design, advertising, architecture and so on. While I’m still culinary challenged, by far my passion is the makeup artistry! Reinventing yourself through paint just does it for me! I was born to create for the gawds honey! Art takes on so many shapes, forms and texture. Music just so happens to be my favorite. Just because I’m not a songwriter doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a lyrically melody of word play.

Kaluah Natural Shoot (19)I am a firm believer in the Yahweh scripture that ‘Death and life is in the power of the tongue’. The tongue is incapable of restraint In my spiritual journey, I make a conscious to speak life into the lives of women and men I encounter through my makeup artistry, writings and motivational speaking efforts.  #KahluasKonfessions

The tongue can be used to speak words of destruction or deliverance. I prefer the latter. We are overcome by others testimonies. One reason why I started this blog was to speak positivity into our lives of other fabulous spiritually sound women trying to find that balance between faith and love. The power of words has broken me, healed me and rescued me from the hands of evil. Let God take care of those people who have hurt you. #TryJesus And when all else fails, grab a brush to use as a microphone and sing until your break through comes. Madam K says #InGlamWeTrust You’ll feel better.

Kaluah Natural Shoot (15)Lyrically Love is the way I soothe my soul. I LOVE MUSIC! Whether it’s a self encouraging song after a break up or the perfect love song expressing your feelings to your new boo. A song can be so moving that I will put it on repeat and break into a holy ghost dance. While I’m still a work in progress trying to figure out this thing called love, I created a #SummerLovePlaylist to help me maneuver when I began to drift on the ‘what if cloud’ in this fantasy world of mine. The truth will hurt on so many levels but through the hurt learn the lesson and you will be healed. When you know better you do.

Share your favorite love song with us. TAG US on your social media outlets (@glitzglamgossip). We talk back!

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty
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