My Fitness Journey: Week 1

Congratulations on your new fitness journey. Health is wealth! #rebukethecalories

The Life of Kristyn

Hi Everyone!

It has been a super busy week and I am finally able to sit down, relax and share with everyone, my first week in this lifestyle change that I have begun. It was an easy week, I must say, but I know from experience that the first week is always the easiest and then it continues to get harder until it becomes second nature. I apologize in advance for how long this post may be. I know it might be a long read, but I love that I can come here and share my experiences week to week.

As I said above, this week was very easy for me. I was motivated, I was energized and ready to go. I did some sort of exercise every day this week and stayed on my diet change with only one small mishap. When I went to my appointment to seeā€¦

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