#Glitz: BET Experience 2014 with Poetic Justice Jeans

I have been down for about week trying to catch up on my beauty rest. With back to back photoshoots, the Bet Awards weekend and the 4th of July holiday my room looked a mess.

While I was going through that pile of ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ clothes, I came across my Poetic Justice t-shirt from the BET Experience. The shirt is very soft and comfortable; didn’t stretch out at the end of the day. Since I was just running errands today, I completed this look with along black maxi skirt, black flip flop sandals and bronzed fresh summer face.

Every woman is always on the hut for the perfect pair of jeans that is affordable, stylish and had a comfortable fit. Greeted by two models wearing Poetic Jeans t-shirts that read “Slow Down Curves Ahead” and ‘Look Back At It” If I’m wearing a shirt saying look back at it, my butt better look really nice in these jeans. Is this false advertisement just to get us curvy women to fall for another perfect jean dream? I sit down with Poetic Justices Jeans Vice President of Design and Merchandising, Marcus Lansden to get all the angles right about this new urban line everyone is talking about at the 2014 #BETAwards #BETExperience.

 How does Poetic Justice Jeans different from all the other urban denim jean brands?

We specialize in selecting quality fabrics and pairing them with the perfect fit. We cater to the curvy girls, and by curvy I don’t mean plus size. Curvy is defined for us as women with smaller waists and larger bottoms.

We have a designed a pair of jeans that fits your shape. We specialize in the fit. We guarantee that our jeans will fit you in the waist without gapping in the back. We use quality materials to design a jean that wear comfortably all day without the sagging butt look.

I have a small waist and fuller bottom but I’m like 4”ll? I always have to hem my pants. I’m spending more money to get that perfect jean length. Do you have jeans that fit the petite curvy shape?

Poetic Justice Jeans’ mission says Jeans that fit YOUR shape. We offer on-trend designs for the stylish curvy shape; extra length for the tall curvy shape; We carry petite and plus sizes as well.

 Where can I purchase a pair of Poetic Justice Jeans? How much does a pair of jeans cost?

We are currently sold in over 50 boutiques throughout the east coast. A pair of Poetic Justice jeans can range from $40 to $68. You can shop online via our website at http://www.poeticjusticjeans.com. We offer free shipping on all online purchases.

I said my ‘thank you’ while doing a ‘Gone with the wind’ fabulous twirl towards Marcus to end our interview. He looked puzzled for a few minutes then started smirking. OMG, I just noticed Marcus sizing me up. A fashionista’s dream. I hear the words “you look like a size 29. Send me your info, I’ll send you a pair”. I can’t wait to get my butt ‘#PoeticJustified’.

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