#WritersBlockWednesdays: The American Hustle

Born into a middle class family, my aspirations was to always to achieve the ‘American Dream’; married with two plus kids, a dog, a great career and a handsome husband living in a modest thirty five hundred square feet house. As life happened I achieved a great career in the entertainment field, I married, gave birth once, divorced and now what. This ‘American Dream’ is more like the ‘American Hustle’. As I climbed the corporate ladder after graduating from college, I looked around to see that I had acquired the American Dream but still felt a void in my life. I was missing my inner circle, my dysfunctional friends that kept me grounded. My ride or die chicks who pushed me when I wanted to give up. I got so caught up in chasing the ‘American Dream’ until it became more like the ‘American Hustle’. I neglected the physical connection with my much needed dysfunctional friends. We all have those crazy friends we have so much fun with that no matter what drama is going on in my lives we turns it up and out. The reality is that the hustle is real. We are all in survival mode preserving our future legacies. But let’s not forget to preserve meaningful relationships with positive memories. Spring into a new way of thinking this year.



Pray. Love. Kiss and Makeup. Repeat.

Tag this blog post to your dysfunctional friends that you’ve meaning to contact and let them know you are still here for them.

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