#KahluasKonfessions: Spring Love Detox

Hashtag period point blank dot com. You presented yourself well in order to conquer me. Yet it will be your real character and true intentions that will keep me. #KahluasKonfessions


Dear Secret Admirer.

I usually don’t go into the intimate details about my private life especially on social media. But this has been weighing on my heart for quite some time. I have to get this off my chest, release this burden and then I’ll be done with the situation. Sounds crazy? Yes. Well I can be a little misunderstood at times. I need to cleanse myself of this pain in order to get the closure I need. Spring is a time of new beginnings. It’s the perfect season to rid yourself of the excessive baggage in your all aspects of your life; career, relationships, family etc. So excuse me for a moment while I love detox. Summer is less than a month away. If I want the perfect summer romance, I need my heart and mind to be pure for when my King arrives.IMAG1696

I tried to get you out of my system by going in heavy work mode. When you are building an empire there is always work to do. I’m always busy. I always take out time to love on me. Hashtag me, myself and I; that’s all I got in the end. I’ve got a date with my techy boyfriend, Pandora. I created a playlist called “The Real R&B” to get me through he rough patches and to soothe my aching heart. Music can soothe your mind, body and soul. Then BOOM! That yucky feeling in the pit of my gut hits me out of nowhere. Laughing Out Loud. That’s the light bulb moment. That’s the moment when you realize that he’s really just not that into you. He’s not the man you thought he would be. He’s not the man you wanted him to be. He is Him. Either you love him with all the flaws in hopes of one day he will change and love you like you deserve to be loved or you move on. What can you live with? I hear Keyshia Cole start to sing ‘Falling Out’ and absolutely lost my mind. I begin to ask myself “Is this person actually singing the words that I was thinking about saying but was afraid to say out loud because I knew the truth would really hurt? These lyrics hashtag completely gave me life.IMAG1990

“I’m slowing falling out of love with you. I don’t know what to do. How did we end up here this way? What are we going to do? I need you to meet me half. If you want me to be with you??? You gotta show me you want to stay. Don’t let your pride get in the way. I’ve been trying to make you see that everything you need is right here with me.” Lyrics from Keyshia Cole ‘Falling Out’

With All My Love. Xox. Fate Dillard.


3 thoughts on “#KahluasKonfessions: Spring Love Detox

  1. Baby, if u aint ready, this here will put u in position. Be it, JUST doing U, missionary, doggie or 69. Its on n poppin!!


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