#SavedSexySanctifiedSundays: Praise Is What I Do

Took a quick a cute #SavedInTheCity selfie on the train before I get my Jesus fix. I was listening to my Pandora “Contemporary Gospel’ playlist when I heard ‘Praise Is What I Do” by The Murphy Project. The words in that song really resonated with me. My spiritual leader preached on hashtag getting dem coints to Jesus is not only your financial responsibility but you’re your reliability and accountability that you have in kingdom building. Valid points were shown through the parable of The Three Servants who were all given talents according to their ability (Matthew 25:14-30) but only two servants used their talents and were abundantly blessed. Giving of oneself does not only monetary but using of ones physical God gifted talents. IMAG2043_1

Every one of us is uniquely made. I have been blessed to be an artist. I am talented in several areas within the arts. I can draw, paint, design, create fashion, and write books and all things arts. But my god given talent is makeup artistry. Baby I can slay a face no matter of race, creed or color. On my spiritual journey with God, I’ve learned that the more faith, tithes and offerings I responsibility invest, the more return I get on my initial investment. Have faith the grain of a mustard seed. The road to success is not easy or else everyone would be a millionaire. So sometimes my walk with is difficult. No one is perfect. I have a flawless God who sees beyond my faults and sees my needs.

The same thing that you’re weak for is the same thing God will use as your strength. #DrJACaruthers #NewDawn #SavedSexySanctified

I celebrate all my baby steps make. Those little milestones gives me the strength when its time to move those large mountains in my life; the real testimony of my faith.

IMAG2044My lifestyle in Hollywood may seem glamorous but it’s just a job. My job as a makeup artist is not my only source; it’s how I pay my bills. My true life source comes from God. So when I’m in between jobs and the money from the last commercial is almost gone, that’s where the comforter slash the Holy Spirit comes in reassuring you of your faith. Then the minute fear and doubts try to penetrate my brain, God takes accountability and delivers on his promise. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You have been faithful over the few things, I will make you ruler of many things.

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker
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