#WritersBlockWednesdays: Corporate Thugs

When I get into my creative zone I usually like to listen music. I’ve customized a few stations on Pandora to play different genres of music according to what project I’m working on. I’m so hashtag getting my life with Pandora on my desktop. But then I love how it syncs to my phone app.  When I’m riding the train into the city slayed to gawds, I listen to my ‘Saved & Sexy In The City’ station to prepare me for the world. Recently, I have been working on expanding the Kahlua Parker Beauty brand into other areas within the beauty industry. On those up late night brainstorming meetings, an always snatched and slayed #nofilter needed entrepreneur can get quite discouraging. IMG_20150424_184530_1

Dating during career transition can be difficult. No more wasting my time with dating down. Hey don’t feel sorry for me, no tears are being shed over here because I’m a girl who stays having options. Dont judge me but I love a nerdy bad boy.


On those days when the flesh is weak, I turn to my ‘corporate thugs’ playlist on Pandora. Some songs you just have to skip or thumbs down before you find yourself regretfully texting your ex at 3 am. Here are a few must have songs in my collection as well as new music that I recently added to the ‘corporate thugs’ station thanks to Pandora and Music Choice.

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker™
http://www.kahluaparker.com ©2015


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