#SavedSexySanctifiedSundays: Mother’s Day Weekend

A few of my friends have been announcing their baby news over the past few months. Every once in a while this Starlet gets the’ baby bug blues’ especially when I see my girl with her adorable swagged out child. So I start day dreaming on the “what if?” cloud asking myself if I did have a child right now, what would I name my son or daughter in world where baby naming, spellings, meanings and even pronunciations are so crucial. Whew! When did naming your child become so much pressure for a new mom? mom_1I had to work this weekend so my DVR was full of mothers’s day television specials, movies and my secret ‘I wanna be a mommy’ obsession was fixed with the 19 Kids and Counting “A Decade of Duggar Births”. I’ve been watching since they first aired around 2004. I just could believe this woman had pushed out so many human little people more than the average mother walking around. So there I go in my mother’s day feelings again, daydreaming on cloud What If? I had 19 Kids what would I name them? I google’d my fingers off and narrowed it down to my favorite names for boys and girls starting with the letter ‘K’. Keep in mind The Duggars have ten boys and nine girls.


  1. Kaleb
  2. Kenton
  3. Kendrick
  4. Kanye
  5. Kenzo
  6. Kolby
  7. Konrad
  8. Kelton
  9. Karsyn
  10. Kinte


  1. Kelsea
  2. Kaidence
  3. Khloe
  4. Kaitlynn
  5. Kendall
  6. Kimberly
  7. Kahlese
  8. Kimora
  9. Khourtney

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