#WritersBlockWednesdays: What Does It Mean To Be A Mother?


 Giving birth to another human being makes you a mom (via a surrogate). To raise, nurture and discipline your child (ren) in any capacity makes you a mother.                                       #KahluasKonfessions


Mother’s Day Brunch Smokey Eye

Mother’s Day has taken on an entire new meaning this year. In the age of trans-gender and same sex partnerships adoptions, intro-vitro and surrogacy the definition of a mother has taken on so many different meaning. In doing my research I came across several protesting blogs for ‘the breast is best breastfeeding verses feeding your baby formula war. Organic or Fast Food? My brain starts to hurt. I catch myself daydreaming and drifting off again. What really then defines a mother? What type of mom would I be? Who would I identify with? Society has pushed mothers against the wall with a long list of expectations. To keep me sane I explore my own deeper meaning of motherhood this year and came up with this.

Step-Mom. God-Mom. Mom-By-Marriage. Always-Been-Like-A-Mom. The-Lady-At-My-Church-I-Grew-up-With and blah blah blah. Let us do away with the titles and just LOVE the ones that genuinely LOVE you back (whoever that may be).

Remember Happy Mother’s Day is Everyday! Tomorrow is not promised.

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