#SavedSexySanctifiedSundays: Gospel Playlist

IMG_20150403_200132Every since I worked the Stellar Awards this year, I have been trying to find my gospel voice. I was able to met and here a lot of gospel artists during the Stellar Awards Weekend. I even purchased a few cds during their showcases. Click here to read all about my makeup shenanigans. I actually connected with their music.

I LOVE listening to Pandora when I’m working on my photoshoots. I like to tune out the chaos around me so I can focus on he canvas in front of me. Looks like I’ll be creating a gospel station on Pandora. Taking all suggestions? Tweet me at @glitzglamgossip your favorite gospel song? Who is your favorite gospel artist? 


Gospel Artist Leah Joelle

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I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker
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