#WritersBlockWednesdays: I’m Not In The Cutty Buddy Zone


I am beginning to shed my winter skin and the laid-up-in-love pounds too. That New Years kissed has now turned into my Spring Fling. I have butterflies in my stomach every time I think about him. The best way to get over an ‘ex’ is to get on top of ‘y’. Get it x-y-z? Corny but cute right?


Makeup Guru, Kahlua Parker


YOU: (Thinking out loud to yourself) Am I not good enough for him? I’m smart, intelligent and beautifully flawed. No baby daddy drama. So what the hell is the problem?

This game of love and war is driving me insane. I fight to save my dignity and womanhood for my king who keeps pulling back his heart. He makes excuses that he is not good enough for me. Could it be he has discovered first that I am too good for him?

HIM:(His lame excuse for the tension between you the two of you)  Am I pulling back? Yes. Why? Because just like you I’m afraid to get hurt. I’m engaged and I want more. #BeingMaryJane #CuttyButtyGirrrl #SpringFling

wpid-img_20150322_200254.jpgI could settle for a Cutty Buddy. But why? I deserve better. I want it all. I want to be your lover and your friend. During times of life’s uncertainty, I like to listen to music, write or express myself through artistic designs. Seasons change. Change seasons with me. Will you be my Summer Romance?

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