Happy Birthday Shawntae!

Were having a #BeingMaryJane –ish kinda “Girls Night Out” to celebrate one of my closest Starlet birthday this weekend. You are not in the circle boo boo. You can’t sit with us. Seriously we all needed this night. We definitely need this time to show up and show out. Celebrating a birthday is thee perfect time to cut up and catch up. You can’t be perfect all the time. Sure we can aspire to be but honey it ain’t realistic. Lawd knows we have been through hell and back but tonight its all about YOU! Happy Birthday Shawntae!



Happy Birthday to one of BFF’s since we left the womb, developed boobs, had kids, got married and got divorced too. We have had some amazing #savedsexysanctified shenanigans over the years! Shawntae you are amazing mother and friend. But most importantly you are my ‘only-child’ sister that I never had.

Smooches. Xox. Kahlua Parker.

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