#WritersBlockWednesdays: Bossy or Nah?

Swallowing your pride will cause you to choke. But putting your pride aside and walking away will give you power.                                      #KahluasKonfessions

cropped-nerd-chick.jpgI don’t consider myself a feminist I would rather say I’m an ultra feminine woman. I have a genuine love and appreciation for all thing pink, Hello Kitty, diamonds and all things bling (shimmer not glitter). This girly girl may be afraid of bugs but I’m sure not afraid to kill one. I’ve learned how to balance my hormones. I’ve learned how to throw classy shade which is a polite way of saying your being a bitch. Mix a little emotional with just the right amount of logic equals the ability to persevere through the rough times. Smiling through my tears honey! On a bad day I will still look good with a full face of makeup and five inch heels. That makes me a real life Mary Jane Paul. I usually like to watch and tweet. But these last two episodes I had to re-examine me; that amazing woman fighting to be loved. This season I forced myself to log out of technology to actually listen to the writers and producers’ message in order to start the real conversation with myself.

Produce Mara Brock Akil has nailed another season of Being Mary Jane leaving audiences wanting more. For more information on all things Being Mary Jane go to www.akliproductions.com.

For more of my artistic thoughts, life ramblings and Hollywood makeup artist shenanigans, Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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