When you suddenly find out that the man you’ve been sleeping with for the past 4 months is married with kids but he gives you a promise ring to put you on hold until he works out his current situation with his wife. Now you are confused and conflicted, What do you do?

ANSWER: Simply walk away and sin no more. The trinkets may be good and the sex may be greater. But your soul has been broken. And you both are Ask God to forgive you. Let God send you the man that’s right for you. For every test there is a testimony. Let this be a lesson to watch for the signs, ask the right questions and remove the rose colored glasses. If it’s too good to true??? It probably is.

Unfortunately, you and other women have been a victim in this type of situation more often than none. You think you’ve found your Mr. Right but he’s already married. The bottom line is that people lie and manipulate situations for their own selfish reasons.


Have you been the “other woman”? What advice would you give your daughter, sister or friend that was in this situation.

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