Ode to poetry

I am honored and thankful that my lifes journey has inspired positivity in your writing. Thank you. Xox. Kahlua Parker, Beauty Guru.

J Shakur


Ode to Poetry:

It’s crazy how we vibe together rhythmically like an acoustic guitar to a keyboard, a sound that blends perfectly. Athena, Venus, or Aphrodite a beauty that no mortal can truly fathom. The black man can’t comprehend the divinity parting your lips so idolizing the canvas of you is the closet understanding of such a woman we will grasp. Your lips compel a spell over me bringing a young King to his knees. separated by state lines your voice still gives me a high as if I was present before you. You have me standing at preeminent heights that I forget what ground level is like until it’s time to leave. Embracing you from behind the feeling is so potent Im still training my arms how to let you go. It became out of my control to dance with you and tasting your lips is the only idea…

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