#SavedSexySanctified Sundays: 30th Annual Stellar Awards

IMG_20150406_111551Who doesn’t live for a road trip to Vegas? Relax this Las Vegas road trip was not about me getting my life, it was all makeup business. I was part of a the glam squad for gospel recording artist Leah Joelle for the 30th Annual Stellar Awards held at the New Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had never worked with a gospel artist let alone the Stellars. I was excited to see how the gospel industry worked while at the same time nervous that I would make Leah look like a  modern day Jezebel. The Stellar Awards is like the Gospel Grammys or Oscars. This was a big deal for me and later I found out for Leah as well. I did not want to disappoint Leah,  the management team or her family. I was so honored to be apart of Leah Joelle artistic journey. Her new single #AfterWhile is available on iTunes now. Leah Joelle vocals ranges is beautiful especially when she hits those powerful high notes.IMG_20150406_122914

Lyrically potent and musically intoxicating. “AfterWhile” provides the listener the opportunity to come up for air in a world where negativity, violence and disaster dominate our airspace.

– Dan  A. Thomas, Jr.

IMG_20150328_141701Between press interviews, showcases and mixers and preshow party. My hair and makeup was all over the place. I thought I was ready for the Gospel Turn Up! I kept my makeup simple through out the entire weekend accessorizes with a various ombre shades of pink and my phase one mermaid hair extensions. At one point I was so hungry, I didn’t care how I looked. By the time we got to this club called HisHop Nation Club (The Hot Spot For Christian Music), I was so turnt up for Jesus I #rebukethecalories and ate a hot dog, chips and soda. Whew but did I not pay for it later though. Yes lawd. Hashtag heartburn. My chest was tormenting in the flame. 

I really enjoyed the variety of gospel music from various artists. Some songs were peaceful and uplifting while made you dance to beat while thanking God for your life. In support of the vendors, I bought a few mixtapes including TyScoutLOUD, the famous #JesusGeek t-shirt and even took a few selfies with recording artist Marica Chisolm and #TheLadyWithTheRedHair Sunday’s BEST Alexis Spight. IMG_20150406_122630Shout out to Singer Queyonoh, beautiful spirit and slays that short hair and chocolate skin like no other honey. I cant wait to get my hands on that face. There was so much going on this weekend I could not literally keep up between the tweeting, posting and liking of photos. Had so much fun though. But until my next makeup adventure, happy reading!

Watch The Stellar Awards on LIVE Stream at www.thestellarawards.com #SavedSexySanctified Sundays with Makeup Artist Kahlua Parker


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