#WritersBlockWednesdays: Can you be Sexy? Saved? AND Sanctified?

Sanctified and Sexy!? Can the two coexistent in my world?

-Kahlua Parker #SavedSexySanctified


Makeup Guru, Kahlua Parker

I am an accomplished professional makeup artist who was born and raised in a strict Christian upbringing. Growing up I struggled everyday to suppress my feelings of being a fabulous beautiful black powerful woman who wears makeup, nail polish and stylish clothes. I struggled to find my voice, my place in the church. Now I’m at a cross roads in my career and my personal relationship with God.

What does it mean to be sexy?

What does it mean to be sanctified?

My spirit is conflicted. My flesh is weak. My mind is stubborn. Do I succumb to dumbing down who I am as a career woman to make my man feel adequate? Does being sanctified mean I stay home to nurture and groom my legacy? Does being sexy mean that after crying out to God during worship and praise, I check to make sure my eyelash didn’t fall off?

In my industry Image and perception is 20140420_140806EVERYTHING! Terms like fake it till you make it’ or ‘Its not what you know but who you know’ is the daily mantra on set.

And so the questions continue…I don’t have all the answers but in the meantime, I will continue to tweet and pray until I get that breakthrough.

For more of my artistic thoughts, life ramblings and Hollywood makeup artist shenanigans, Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for the #KahluasKonfessions book coming soon.


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