#RebukeTheCalories: Yelp! Food Reviews

My relationship with technology has been a rocking one. I am such an old fashion girl living in a modern day world of technology. I don’t know whether to download a new app that keeps my daily to-do-list organized OR upgrade my cell phone with a better forward facing mega pixel camera so I can keep taking fabulous selfies. Finding a balance between my creativity and technology is literally at times driving me crazy. Some days I feel like if I write one more blog post and send one more text that my brain will literally explode.


Pray and #RebukeTheCalories

Instead of becoming mentally exhausted trying to figuring out all these gadgets, I looked for ways to have fun with technology while keeping my “little house on the prairie” attitude. Ahhh at last, my perfectly polished manicured fingers has discovered Yelp! Now in this techy world I get to share my customer service experience while experiencing exotic foods, luxury travels, new restaurants and the Hollywood nightlife. On Yelp! I can vent without sounding like a spoiled brat. Most importantly, my reviews help inform business owners improve their service.

Are you ready for some food adventures?

Let’s get started!

Watch my food reactions on Youtube! Read my food reviews on Yelp!


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