#WritersBlockWednesdays: Reality TV vs The REAL TEA


Can you save someone else without jeopardizing your future? Why is my future more valuable and important than theirs?​


The REALITY is the creation of this world is made up of God​s and insects.​The REAL TEA {throwing shade} is that if you are a God, why concern yourself with the ongoing and well-being of ants​?

Since the economic downturn in America, ​my ​mantra ‘#MeMyselfAndI’ has been permanently etched in my brain and on my body. Society is all about surviving; the ‘Survival of the ​Fittest​’​ war is more prevalent than ever​. In 2014, my life was all about reflecting, re-branding and re-building a better, stronger me.


I woke the hell up and stop lying to myself. I entered the NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. ​It ​forced me to fix the truth, my truth. Survival isn’t about living it’s about hiding. ​I was hiding behind my career as a Makeup Artist, attending lavish Hollywood parties and having romantic flings with powerful businessmen thinking I was fulfilling a void. Hashtag shade but no shade. Honestly, I had been surviving as a coward. I​’m done running. ​I’m done hiding. In 2015, I will walk in my destiny.​ I will fulfill my life’s purpose without validation from others.IMAG1788_1

​Waving at my 2014 hater​s. {throwing major shade while smiling} Thank you for making me famous. Thank you for underestimating me, it really does turn me on and motivates me too!​ ​I have been punished for my shortcomings​ and disloyalty​. I was born with legacy. Royalty is in my blood. We can be better together but you chose sides. The time has come for me to choose sides. I choose me. Good bye 2014. Hello 2015.

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