#TransformationTuesdays: The Mermaid Look

I embrace hair versatility down to my happy nappy roots honey. Take your pick. Half shaved on one side. Curly. Straight. Long. Short. Bangs. Side Part. Pink. Purple. Red. And now Turquoise. As a self-proclaimed ‘Wigologist’ I love the freedom and flexibility that wearing wigs give you. I am an ARTIST! (Oh and moonlight as a hair model on the side too lol) I need to recreate or reinvent myself every season. For months I would channel a glam goddess look. When boredom begins to set in, a more toned down Cali beach girl has emerged.1427178267524

With over 18 years of entertainment experience in these Hollywood streets, image and perception is everything. Make up and fashion combined plays a big part in choosing the proper hairstyle. As I scoured though tons of magazines, instagram post and read just about every professional fashion designers blog; I finally choose my look slash beauty theme for spring slash summer 2015: the mermaid hair color trend. Hashtag Cinderella who? I’m creating my own fantasy this year.

mermaid hair extensions

And the spring summer hair transformation begins….I will continue to add more of my own mermaid hair extensions by gradually adding hues of greens, blues and silver to my wigs for the perfectly slayed #mermaidhair look.

*PrettyGirlProblems Disclosure: All hair extensions, beauty products and accessories mentioned in this post was provided and purchased by me.


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