#KahluaParkerBeauty: The Intoxicating Beauty Signature Makeup Look

I may be flawed but my makeup id perfect. - Kahlua Parker

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. #KahluaParkerBeauty

Every once in a while a girl needs a break from her everyday glam makeup routines. After getting a 24 karat gold facial, who wants to go full glam covering up that radiant glow. Honestly no one does. Well this totally obsessed makeup junkie had to find a way to wear little or no makeup comfortably out in public. I am one of those few women will not leave the house without wearing some form of makeup, even if it is to run down to the local grocery store. You never know who you will run into.


I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect.

– Kahlua Parker

As a Professional Makeup Artist and Skin Care Specialist, the need to always look and feel my best has been a lifestyle of mine for many years. I saw a need. An everyday wearable glam makeup look that is Timeless. Classic. Legendary.

I have finally mastered what the beauty industry calls the ‘no-makeup look’ or a naturally flawless makeup look. I call my naturally flawless makeup look “The Intoxicating Beauty”. How I can up with the name? My first name is Kahlua which many people reference to the alcoholic cocktail (but actually an island in Hawaii. I choose Beauty because its not about covering up your flaws its about finding ways to embrace them in fashion, makeup and hair. You too can be an Intoxicating Beauty with only five makeup products. Achieving this look is easy; all you need is your ‘come-as-you-are-skin’, a little inspiration and a splash of confidence.

Follow these 5 simple steps to achieve The Intoxicating Beauty 

*Remember to always start any beauty regime with a clean, prepped and primed face. 2014-11-14 09.57.25-1

  1. Apply a Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream in a shade that is as close to your skin color to lightly build up your desired coverage. If you need more coverage, apply a natural toned concealer to blemished areas. Keep in mind that you still want to be able to see the natural glow of your skin come through.
  2. For a dewy fresh look, apply a dab of Cream Blush to the apples of your cheek, working in an upward circular motions toward the cheekbone. For a natural healthy glow, apply a Powder Blush using an angled blush brush in sweeping motion upward toward the cheekbones.
  3. Black or Brown Eyeliner and Mascara. Apply waterproof creamier brown or black eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line with two coats of mascara. I prefer to use brown eyeliner on the top lash line with two coats of black mascara to give the illusion of naturally fuller eyelashes. Depending on your eye shape and your skin tone, applying a black eyeliner and black mascara may be too intense. Choose a combo that works for you. You want to naturally bring out your eyes.
  4. glow2Apply a Nude Pink colored Tinted Balm, Lip Gloss or Matte Lipstick.
  5. To get that overall healthy sun-kissed glow, apply a Bronzer that is one shade darker than your natural skin color and has little or no shimmer to your temples, cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Don’t forget to blend the bronzer down your neck and décolleté. Use sparingly with a big fluffy brush taping off excess product before swiping on your face.

A few products I use to achieve my naturally flawless makeup look.

*All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. See my disclosure page for additional information.

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker
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