#tbt The Kahlua Parker Beauty Launch Party

Makeup Artist and Beauty Correspondent Kahlua Parker celebrates her birthday with a digital launch for Kahlua Parker Beauty; an affordable beauty line for luxury addicts. Her luxury lifestyle company #GlitzGlamGossip that educates, motivates and provide practical solutions on how to live a luxurious lifestyles on a realistic budget is based in Los Angeles, California. Borned and raised on the westside, Kahlua dominated the fashion world by working her way through the fashion world as an awards show fashion runner in the early 90’s to interviewing celebrities on the BET Red Carpet in 2013.

From the Westside Pavilion to the South Bay Galleria finally landing at Aldos inside one of Southern California’s premier luxury fashion destination, The Beverly Center. Obsessed with the life and styles of the rich and famous, the addiction to attain some sort of value in this massive world of competition for beauty perfection. The drive for creating an everyday wearable signature flawless glam makeup look became Kahlua’ s makeup artistry dream.

Lifestyle.Luxury.Legend. Kahlua was determined to my a name for herself in the world of Hollywood she calls #Glitz,Glam Gossip; Socialite, Beauty Guru, Correspondent.

“I maybe flawed but my makeup is perfect” – Kahlua Parker

Join in on the celebration and send birthday wishes. Get social with Kahlua Parker on her #kpOnTheRunTour birthday weekend by using the hashtag #kahluaparkerbeauty on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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