#SavedSexySanctified: Fall’en In Love with Jesus in 2016

Have you every been in love?                                                                                                                 How did you know you were in love?                                                                                                           Did you”fall in love’?

Welcome to the first #savedsexysanctified blog post of the fall 2016 season! September is the month of Jubilee at my place of worship, #NewDawnCOGIC.  Traditionally, jubilee year is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon. Mentioned in the book of Leviticus as occurrance every fiftieth year, during which slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.

I took this time to reflect on my spiritual growth; new beginnings, new levels, new power. Shedding of the old. Prepping for the new. Stocking up on love means healing; forgiving those that have wounded me, letting go of comfortabilties, releasing of toxic relationships. Good has a bigger blessing in-store for me. I can appreciate the trials, the tribulations because it’s in those times when I come out victorious that I can see that it was all worth it. I’m learning for experience that elevation comes in many forms. I love the story of the woman with an issue of blood. In a loud voice this sick woman exercised her faith by speaking healing into her life saying that”If I could just touch the hem of his garment, I will be made whole.” When she touched Jesus, his anointing was so powerful that he asked the crowd who touched me. The woman was instantly healed.

Acts 14:8-10 God has a delayed blessing for you. A man who had been crippled from the womb and had never walked, heard that there was a revival in town during the season of Jubilee. In verse 10 Paul spoke healing in this crippled mans life saying in a loud voice ‘stand upright on your feet’. The man had faith that he would be healed, he leaped and walked.

When the devil make attacks on my life having me backed into a corner, I come out fighting. You can’t take me out because I’m still waiting to receive the blessings that God has promised for me. God has and will restore everything the enemy has taken from me. All I have to do is just have to show up and do my part.  #bookedANDblessed

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#SavedSexySanctified: God’s Grace

It has been a challenging few weeks but through #GODSGRACE I pushed through to another day. With so much going on with prepping for Lancome fall 2016 new product launches, Lancome master classes, confirming freelance jobs throughout the upcoming holiday season and not to mention serial dating to keep my inner girly girl sane; I was not going to pass on the opportunity to meet Darais, the National Celebrity Makeup Artist for Lancome.  Yaaasss honey Darais has slayed the faces of celebrities including Selma Hayek, Kristen Bell. Ellen Page, Gwen Stefani, Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff, Kelly Osborne, Cher, and more. Oh and besides my artistic obsession with Darais edgy, artful makeup style….it doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes. SMH. Go ahead and judge me. Just because I’m #savedsexysanctified doesn’t mean I’m blind.

Moving on….my heart was so heavy with business and personal issues, the last thing I wanted to do was tell another woman how pretty she would be if she would just apply these fall trends into your beauty routine. Oooo but when pity began to set in, I began to count my blessing while thinking back on where I was versus where I am today. I’m #bookedANDblessed. So I had to get my Jesus on. So I cried all my makeup off. And then I listened to my youtube playlist and discovered other inspirational and uplifting songs. I came across this group called Trin-Tee 5:7. Chile just close your eyes and listen to the song. The lyrics is this song had me laying dem burdens down; yaaasss honey leaving it at the altar. After few hours of self-reflection, I finally able to grieve.  A burden was lifted. My heart felt normal again. I was able to confidently speak life into my situations again. We all get weary in this journey of inner peace. But through Yahweh grace and mercy I was able to overcome victoriously.

Xox. Eat.Pray.Makeup.                                                                                                     #SavedSexySanctified #BeautifullyFlawed #ChurchFlow #makeupbyKahluaParker

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#SavedSexySanctified Sundays: Imperfections Are Beautiful

Happy #Summer16 Beauty Revenge.

As we enter into the #glitzglamgossip sanctuary, I ask that you open your hearts, minds and souls to explore the happiness, peace and serenity that life has to offer. Regardless of our careers, religious beliefs or gender; maintaining focus on your life’s destiny is no easy journey for anyone. I took the last six months to re-invent my beauty brand, Kahlua Parker Beauty. The dream is free. The hustle is hard. The pay is priceless. Turning beauty into a buck is very challenging when you are the face of your brand. At all times, I get discouraged knowing that at any given moment some one is judging, observing, tweeting and commenting on this intoxicating beauty. The constant need to write the correct post, tag your friends and engage with customers while maintaining a perfect flawless face. Shaking my head…In the cosmetics industry there is no second chances to make a first flawless impression.


Beauty Socialite, Kahlua Parker wearing a #savedsexysanctified slay on the face headed to #NewDawnCOGIC

As a Creative Beauty Director of my own company I struggle with popularity of technology versus real life marketing formulas. I want my brand to be a financially successful company that is authentically sincere to its customers and mission statement; I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect. I don’t care about how many likes or followers I have. I am setting out to impact lives through an inspirational cosmetic line. These past six months I was in makeup heaven but I didn’t know it came at such a costly price that would include diminishing my self-esteem. Playing these mind games is mentally exhausting. At the end of the day it’s all worth it because my strength is fueled by my passion for the arts.

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.
Instead, it should be that of your inner self,the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.  – I Peter chapter 3 verse 3 and 4

I take pride in enhancing a woman’s self esteem with proper skin care regimes and correct color matching customized to her personal style. At the end of the day, it’s not about what I or any other makeup artist thinks about your makeup preferences. Beauty is what beauty does. You have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, everyday and love you despite how others view you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I may be flawed but my makeup is perfect – Kahlua Parker
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#KahluasKonfessions: A Triple Threat. Beauty.Brains.Brawn

I am a triple threat that makes no promises for the outcome of our encounters. Just be honored that I’ve chosen you to share a piece of my time with. I am valuable. I offer more than just my looks. Come take a look inside.

MRM_bday16_2This journey of self love can be an exhausting one. #AllSummerSixteen for me was about finding a deeper meaning of self love and finding my Boaz with help from the practicing #TheWait (authors – Devon Franklin & wife, Meagan Good).

I have learned so much about the differences of what I need versus what I desire in my relationships. I even clarified a few of my deal breakers. The discipline of soul searching, finding your truths and a real life solution was an eye opening experiences. After reading #thewait book I felt my spirit man being elevated to the next level. I see the purpose of life trials and tribulations as test further strengthening my faith to receive the fullness of my blessings. Dating while celibate gave me a feeling of mental peace. I was able to to narrow the practice squad and even add few potential team players to the roster.

Listening is key component when practicing #TheWait. Dudes will tell you what you want to hear but if you keep your eyes open long enough, he will show you who he is.

MRM_bday16_1Truth is…once you get over the honeymoon phase, and reality sets in; the question then becomes what other character traits does he possess that can contribute to the building of our wealth, legacy and power. Love and potential doesn’t pay the bills. I was born a goal-digger. Hustle is in my heart. Power runs through my veins. I need compatibility AND chemistry not lust. #TheWait dating has brought out the brawns in me. Navigating through the piles of lies, lust, excessive baggage (both physical and emotional) and deceitful mannerism keeps me in shape. I run the opposite way instead of trying to figure out ‘why’ he was broken. Trying to to fix a man that is broken into a million pieces is physically and mentally impossible. I give it to God, say a pray for his wounded heart, block him then add him to the “do not call list’.

I’m excited about going into this next season equipmented with a better sense of self. Single? or Not Single? I am not going to apologize for being an attractive woman who just so happens to intelligent and powerful. Go ahead judge me because I’m a triple threat. Beauty. Brains. Brawn. Lips #POPn while waving at my haters and naysayers. I stay slayed both physically and spiritually; #BookedandBlessed because I rely on my inner strength and faith combined with core values of Yahweh. Oh yeah and treating people with love and respect despite their shortcomings will also give you favor.

MRM_bday16_3Check out my YouTube musical stress reliever playlist called #Summer16 #BeautyRevenge. I may be flawed (doing this dating stuff) but my makeup is perfect.

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